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Safe driving on their Ps

Your learner's changing crash risk as they go from their Ls to Ps

Ways to be a safe solo driver

Strategies to help your learner travel safely

Video: The Deso

Safe driving is an ongoing process

How to choose a safe car

Video: Helping your P Plater stay safe

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Crash risk changes from Ls to Ps.
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As a learner driver

Your learner is relatively safer on their Ls, as they’ve got you with them.

That’s why your learner needs to gain a minimum of 120 hours driving experience, as it’s the best time to learn safe driving behaviours.

Learn more about how to keep your P plater safe.

Remember that keeping our roads safe is a shared responsibility.

The Deso - MAFMAD 2012 winning film (Make a Film Make a Difference)

The TAC's Make a Film, Make a Difference (MAFMAD) competition invited young filmmakers aged 25 and under to write a short film idea that would challenge young people's attitudes to driving and encourage them to look out for their mates.

Lessons from the road

 Helping your P plater stay safe on the road.