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Sharing the road in stage four

Driving around bike riders and motorcyclists

Sharing the road with bike riders and motorcyclists

Video: How much space should drivers give riders?

Video: Checking for bike riders and motorcyclists

Shared zones

Video: Give way to people walking

Safety zones

We all have a role in road safety

Sharing the Road

Giving bike riders enough space

We're asking drivers to slow when passing bike riders and give at least 1 metre in speed zones up to 60km/h and at least 1.5 metres in zones over 60km/h.  It’s just a little bit of space.

Safe driving tips

Sharing the road with bike riders and motorcyclists.

Giving way to people crossing

When turning at any intersection (except a roundabout), you must give way to any people crossing the road you are entering.

Remember to use your indicators even if you think there’s no-one around. There may still be other drivers or road users that aren’t directly in your sight.