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Distractions and driving in stage four

Types of distractions in stage four

Strategies to manage distractions in stage four

Mobiles and devices

Video: What happened to Karla? 


Managing the distractions of passengers

Passengers and your mental workload

Types of distractions in stage four



Adjusting the heater/air con.




Adjusting music on the radio.




Navigating to a place.




Conversations with passengers.




Receiving a message.




Receiving a phone call.


Strategies to manage distractions in stage four
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The situation:

You're driving with loose objects in the vehicle.


Secure any loose objects before you start driving.

Pull over and put them away.

Taking your eyes off the road environment for just two seconds doubles your crash risk.

What happened to Karla?

See what happened to Karla that changed the way she she looks at using mobiles in the car.

Managing the distraction of passengers


Minimal conversations

Keep conversations to minimum and talk quietly.

Put phones on silent

Not distract you with their mobiles.

Keep quiet in busy areas

Stay quiet in busy areas or heavy traffic.

Keep their music on low

Tell them to keep music on low so you can focus on driving.
On your P1 licence, you can only carry one peer passenger aged 16 to 22 years.