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Your role in planning drives

Creating a great learning experience

Ways to help your learner as their supervisor

Planning stage one drives that match your learner's experience

What you should do when you plan stage one drives

It's best to supervise when you're fresh

Five tips to supervise well

The best time to talk to your learner

How to talk with your learner after a drive

The learner, supervisor and driving instructor
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Your learner's role is to:

Plan drives with you, based on the tasks, goals and skills they need to develop at each stage.

How to create a good learning experience


Ask questions

Ask questions that encourage conversation and help them develop and reflect on their driving.

Give feedback

Give constructive and positive feedback before, during and after a drive.



Listen and observe

Listen and observe closely to work out your learner’s progress and what they need to practise more.
Strategies when planning stage one drives
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Make drives shorter and more frequent, as these will help your learner more than longer and less frequent drives.

Make sure your learner gains experience progressively, by starting off with simple tasks, and gradually making them harder.
Five tips to supervise well
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Plan each drive with your learner to match their skill and  experience. 


Helps them know what to expect.

Lets you both focus on the goals and tasks of a stage.