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What you must do when you drive on your Ls

Choose the right supervising driver

Towards Zero Roads Safety Strategy and Plan 2016 to 2020

The four pillars in the Towards Zero strategy

How we’ve made Victorian roads safe

What you must do on every drive


Show L plates

Display L plates at the front and back of your vehicle, which must be visible from 20 metres away.

Have a permit

Carry your car learner permit.





Have a supervisor

Drive with a supervising driver in the seat beside you, who has a full car licence (not their Ps).



Have a Zero BAC

Have a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) of zero.




Never use a mobile

Only use a securely mounted phone or device for navigation or audio. Set up before driving. No interaction while driving.

Not tow

Never tow anything.





Be fit to drive

You must be 'fit to drive.'




Only drive certain vehicles

Only drive a car, ute or van, but not a truck or bus or ride a motorcycle.


The four pillars in the Towards Zero strategy
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We've made roads safe by creating:


Flexible barriers

Tactile surfaces

Sealed shoulders

Lane markings.

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Victoria has been a world leader in the introduction of road safety interventions that have helped bring down the lives lost on our roads from 1061 in 1970.
Check out TAC's road statistics to see how we've halved the lives lost on Victoria's roads since 1989.