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Sharing the road in stage four 

Driving around bike riders and motorcyclists

Sharing the road with bike riders and motorcyclists

Video: How much space should drivers give riders?

Video: Checking for bike riders and motorcyclists

Shared zones

Video: Give way to people walking

Safety zones

We all have a role in road safety

Travel Happy

Giving bike riders enough space

We're asking drivers to slow when passing bike riders and give at least 1 metre in speed zones up to 60km/h and at least 1.5 metres in zones over 60km/h.  It’s just a little bit of space.

Safe driving tips

Sharing the road with bike riders and motorcyclists.

Giving way to people crossing

When turning at any intersection (except a roundabout), you must give way to any people crossing the road you are entering.

Your learner needs to remember to use their indicators even if they think there’s no one around. There may still be other drivers or road users that aren’t directly in their sight.